Long Code Services

  • Long Code number is 10 digit virtual mobile number used to send or receive voice calls and SMS from all over the world.
  • Long codes are intended for P2P communication, means when a person communicates with another person. These are strictly designed by phone carriers for two way communication.
  • It is globally accessible, cost- effective, all in one (Voice and SMS) marketing solution .This wireless subscribers method helps you to interact more with people, businesses and organizations .
  • At Global media services all the SMS from your customer and candidate in one place cleverly organizing them into proper inbox depends on a keyword /long code/shortcode combination.
  • For example, Customer requests can decide on sales requests and support requests by using sales and support as a keyword.
  • Global media service for India is a different new messaging service. We help you to minimize the price of forwarding SMS to your end-users and gives you the features associated with 10 digits long code number.
  • Global media service gives you the auto-response factor to connect with the retailer in the longcode. Here the Global media service gives you the best short and long code factor.