Become a Reseller

SMS Reseller Program

Promote Global Media Services Bulk SMS Services under your brand to your Customers


What's included?

With Global Media Services you can become a Business Mobile messaging provides to your customers through a fully branded site to send and receive SMS messages online, with no mention of Global Media Services anywhere.

You will therefore be able to set your own price and thereby create your own additional revenue stream for your company. We provide you with your own account creation tool, master account, and reports so you have total control over what is going on.

How do I become a Global Media Services Bulk SMS Reseller?

  • You can start your own branded SMS White label panel with our web server connectivity.
  • You buy message units from us at a wholesale price and then resell them to your customers in small batches at whatever price you want.
  • The more customers you have, the more messages they send and the more messages you buy the lesser is your SMS cost. The higher the price per message you charge them, the more money you make.
  • These partners sell directly to the end-user and are completely involved in the sales and closing process.
  • These partners have full access to the 3way Digital Solutions channel’s support and marketing resources. Our reseller system is a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for resellers with dedicated server and control panel to manage the users account.